While evidence of Sullivan’s life can easily be seen in tangible items, such as bronze statues, and the brick and mortar improvements on the scuba campus, tangible objects are insufficient conduits for legends. Legends travel through the intangible, the unquantifiable network of feelings and memories that traverse heart and mind. The 18 and 19 year old boys who wore the black leather helmet and ran the gauntlet of scuba, now possess a perspective and clarity that only the passing of time can bring. Fate did not haphazardly whisk them to an isolated rural town in Mississippi. Fate had ushered them into the throne room of a legend.


Bobby Morgan

I’ll never forget interviewing for a job. And I had my resume there. And I had played football at East Mississippi junior college. And the president of the company walked out and said, Did you play football? So I said Yes, I did. They turned to the salesman nice have found a position point.


Nick Clark

It makes all the world of me. I mean, yeah, just to have your name associated in the same breath with such notoriety as bull Cyclone Sullivan.


Charles Studdard

There’s a great deal of thanksgiving in my heart, to have been around Coach Sullivan


Ernest Moore

And to be considered one of bulls balls, Being one of bulls, boys. It’s just pride. I mean, I get kind of choked up now that I think about it then.


Doug Sproat

I grew up in a one parent family. My dad left when I was five. This was right after Pearl Harbor was bombed. When I met Coach Sullivan, he was someone that, I said to myself. That’s what dads are supposed to be like.


Dick Mcspadden

There was one other guy in my life that I never wanted to disappoint. My dad was one. And Bull would have been the second guy that I never want to disappoint. And I hope I never do.


Stanley Gray

Well, I just can’t recall all those memories. You know, what a great man. I looked at it. I think back now. He was only a father


Tommy Davis

He was the guidepost for what I’ve done in my life. And he was kind of the standard by which I judge everything else I did.


Lester Smith

He had more influence as a man in my life than anybody ever.


Terry Brown

I wouldn’t be where I am right now. if it weren’t for him


Tommy Davis

When I look back, I realized that if I was a man, I was a man like Coach Sullivan. I wanted me to be a man.


Stanley Gray

I would just I would give anything if my own son loves me as much as I love Coach Sullivan. I would have, my life would be complete.


Tommy Davis

How would coach Solomon evaluate? What if I’ve? Have I worked hard enough? Have I been strong enough? Have I been creative enough. Have I’ve been determined enough? How would he have done anyway? He became the phantom standard for the rest of my life. He still is.