Your business is likely eligible for more federal money than you realize through a wide variety of programs that were launched to combat the negative economic impact of the Corona Virus.


Begin the process of filing for elligible COVID money by submitting the form below. You will receive a short engagement letter via email from Docusign that will allow us to go to work on your behalf. Thank you.


There is much confusion on how a business qualifies for the ERC. Make sure you are working with solid information.

There is a LOT of money in play with the ERC. How much does your business qualify for?

Are you a business owner that has heard about the ERC? Mike Frascogna III provides you a quick overview of what is is and how it has developed over time.
Concerned your CPA didn’t bring the ERC to your attention? Don’t be.
Improperly formatted payroll is the #1 culprit for slowing your ERC analysis!



Begin the process by signing a short agreement engaging our firm to work for you. You may request an engagement letter by submitting the form above under “Get Started.”


We will provide you a simple checklist for the financial data you will need to provide. Feel free to ask us questions or for assistance at any time.


Tax attorneys and CPAs will complete a full analysis of your data so all the correct tax and rebate programs can be targeted.


Tax attorneys and CPAs will prepare all the filing documents and submit them to the IRS on your behalf. They will track the filings through to completion with the IRS.


The IRS will review your filings and make final determination on what funds your business qualifies for. The worst outcome is a denial of your application. You owe us nothing for our services unless you are approved and receive a check.


IRS processing is currently taking 90-120 days. The IRS will send your check directly to you via the United States postal service.


Why haven’t I heard about these programs?

The staggering amount of money currently being spent by the federal government is surpassed only by the complexity of the tangled web of statutes, IRS provisions, and executive orders that govern the dissemination of funds related to the various stimulus programs. To keep track of the constantly changing availability and qualification standards, it is literally a full time job for tax attorneys specializing in state and federal tax credits.

Which programs will I qualify for?

Tax attorneys will analyze your business structure and financial records to determine which federal and state programs you are eligible to apply, organize your information, and submit applications for EACH qualifying program. Such programs include, but are not limited to: Empowerment Zone Credits, Indian Employer Credits, Disaster Related Credits, Coronavirus Related Tax Credits, New Hire Credits, Work Opportunity Tax Credits, and available State Tax Credits.

What if I already filed for ppp money?

Of the many federal programs available, many businesses opted to file for the PPP loans. However, filing for PPP loans DOES NOT disqualify your business from filing for many of the other programs.

How difficult is it to file?

The information you need to file is largely already available in your payroll software and is often available in ready-to-download reports. Our staff will walk you through the steps to make it as easy as possible. The information can be collected in less than a day.

How much money, and how fast?

The amount of money for which your business is eligible will vary based on individual circumstances. Once your documents are filed with the IRS, it is currently taking 90-120 days to receive your check. The processing time is trending upward as more and more businesses file applications.

What are my risks?

You have no risk as long as you provide accurate information in your application. The worst outcome is that your application will be denied by the IRS. Finally, our 20% fee is only due if/when you receive your check from the IRS.