Jay Long

Jay isn’t the typical attorney who went to law school right out of college, graduated and managed to survive the bar exam, then went to work as a lawyer. Instead, he took a longer and much less direct path into the legal profession. Jay has been involved in multiple business ventures throughout his adult life. He has owned or managed businesses in retail, entertainment, production, and construction industries. Jay brings more than twenty years of business experience into his legal practice. His experience in the real world makes him uniquely qualified to help his clients identify issues and find innovative solutions that might otherwise be overlooked by the less experienced.

Jay’s love of the law and the desire to be a lawyer began in early childhood, but other opportunities took him down other avenues, but once he started law school in 2014, he knew he had found his true calling. After completing his degree and passing the bar in 2017, he merged his business experience and other talents with his legal education and joined the Frascogna Law brand as an entertainment and intellectual property attorney and strategist.

His clients include writers, artists, musicians, actors, producers, entrepreneurs, corporations, preachers, teachers, engineers, and athletes who operate in the many of the same industries where Jay dedicated much of his time and energy prior to law school. Jay enjoys helping his clients develop and protect their intellectual property, helping clients expand their businesses through market strategy planning in a range of industries, as well as providing general council services, continuity and succession planning, and estate planning. The focus of his practice is intellectual property law, entertainment law, sports law, and social media law, but he also incorporates general business law into his practice as well.

Jay is a native of Mississippi, a lifelong resident of the Jackson metro area, and is licensed to practice law in Mississippi.