Intellectual Property

accounts for over $6 TRILLION of the United States’ gross domestic product.*

We utilize a four-step process to help you effectively participate in the staggeringly large IP economy.


Intellectual property opportunities can be found in most every business operation. We have spotted multi-million dollar assets hiding in plain sight. Identification is the first step in the powerful “IP Bootstrapping” process.

Services: Business evaluation, internal research and review, business plan creation


The creative process can be thrilling, but timelines and budgets must be professionally crafted and monitored to keep your IP project on a path to profitability.

Services: Video production, script development, motion graphics, sound design, print layout, photography, web, social media


Your IP will not benefit your business if its sitting on the shelf collecting dust. We find creative ways to put your IP on the playing field so it positively contributes to your bottom line.

Services: Distribution deals, book signings, movie premiers, partnerships, licensing, endorsements


If it is worth creating, then it is worth protecting. We use various protection mechanisms to ensure your IP stays firmly under your control.

Services: Copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, non-disclosure agreements

*Source: US Patent & Trademark Office Intellectual Property and the US Company, 2016 Update